Graphing Points (ordered-pairs) on the TI-83+

 1. Press the STAT key.
2. Choose Edit by pressing ENTER or 1
3. For (X,Y), enter X into L1 and Y into L2.

Hint: it is easier to input all x-values then put in all ys

4. Press 2nd MODE (QUIT).
5. Press 2nd Y= (STATPLOT)
6. Choose 4 to pick PlotsOff. This turns off all current plots.

7. PlotsOff will appear on the main screen. Press Enter. Home screen will say "Done".

8. Choose Y=.
9. Turn off any graphs by moving the cursor over the equals sign and entering until none are highlighted.
10. Choose 2nd Y= (STATPLOT)
11. Hightlight "On"; Set type = scatterplot; Xlist: L1; Ylist:L2; Mark with a dot.
12. Choose ZOOM
13. Select 9: ZoomStat.

13. Press the TRACE and use cursor arrows to move from point to point.